SBIR Phases

 3 Phases of Product Development

From Idea Conception to Market!

Phase I:  Proof-of-concept
      • Up to $150K for 6 mos
      • Up to $225K for 1 yr
Phase II:  Research Study & Commercialization Plan
      • NIH – up to $1.5Million across 2 yrs
      • Other agencies – varies

Fast-Track:  Phase I & II in a single application

Direct-to-Phase II:  Used when Phase I is completed with non-Federal funds

NIH Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program:

      • Up to $3Million across 3 yrs
      • Includes technical assistance and late stage development guidance
Phase III:  Marketing
      • Not Federally funded
      • Identify funding strategy in Phase II for non-Federal funds
      • Angel investors; venture capitalists other government funds such as contracts, etc.