Applying for SBIR Funding

  So, you want to apply for SBIR Funding!

Great – just follow these simple steps and contact SBMC for more help:

Give yourself time – need 3 to 6 months to complete the application

  • Identify your Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA):
      • Unsolicited – also identified as ‘Omnibus Solicitation’
      • Solicited – addresses a specific agency need
  • Read the FOA carefully
  • Complete the required registrations – in this order:
      • EIN
      • DUNS
      • SAM
      • SBA
      • Register with the funding agency: e.g., NIH eRA Commons
  • Download application package and instructions
      • NIH has an online program, Assist, that identifies errors as you complete the forms
  • Read the instructions carefully
      What happens after you submit your application?
  • Government funding takes time:  i.e., 6 to 9 mos
      • your application will go through  2 levels of review before final funding decisions are made and you get your money
    • You will be kept abreast of the progress through messages in your NIH ERA Commons Account
        • the first level of review will occur within 3 mos of the submission
        • you will receive your score and summary statement within 1 mos after the review which gives you time to relax or prepare your re-submission
  • During this time period, you can move forward:
    • with your product development
        • identify new research areas for your product and submit more SBIR applications
        • with your business’ strategic vision