Workforce Development

As you are envisioning your strategic position and challenges, what does your ideal team look like?  And how will you ensure that they have the unique training you require? 



Workforce development is more than hiring a trained expert in the field.  It is about understanding your unique relationship with respect to the changing environment – and it assumes that you are interested in positioning yourself and your staff for success.  To compete optimally in your particular field of biomedical sciences, you will want to educate yourself and your staff about the most meaningful workforce development for you.  You may need help with this.  For more information, please go to the ‘Contact SBMC’ page and send me an email.

Services available: 
  • Online questions
  • Teleconference
  • In-person
  • Project-based
  • Please note that Dr. Sawczuk is also available for presentations, workshops, lectures & mentoring.