Organizational & Strategic Change Management

Welcome to the rapidly evolving and dynamically changing world of biomedical research in the 21st century!

As biomedical scientists, we all recognize the imminent changes in our field and are ready to embrace the challenge of introducing them into our research.  But, this move comes Fotolia_51373625_XS.jpgwith stress and uncertainty.  Strategic consultants have identified methods of addressing change through management techniques that can relieve both the stress and uncertainty while positioning you for strategic success and the ability to embrace continued change.  By embracing these techniques, you can focus on your biomedical research interests.  For more information please go to the ‘Contact SBMC’ page of this website.


Services available: 
  • Online questions
  • Teleconference
  • In-person
  • Project-based
  • Dr. Sawczuk is also available for presentations, workshops, lectures & mentoring.