Writing Grant Applications

Writing Your Grant Application:  Each Fotolia_65721979_XS.jpggrant application has its own nuances that are particular to the grant mechanism and solicitation or initiative.  That said, there are basic common elements required of each application.  The important elements include focus, brevity and attention to the initiative goals specified by the funding organization.  For assistance, please submit a request through ‘Contact SBMC’.


Review of Grant Applications:  Once your application has been submitted, it will go through a process of review.  The NIH and other government agencies have specific requirements for grant review.  However, other organizations may have different review strategies and criteria.  It is important to understand these before you submit an application.

Funding of Grant Applications:  When your application is approved for funding, there will be a number of steps to follow before funding.  For government grants, these steps are called, “just-in-time” information but other organizations may have different requests.  It is important to address these immediately so there is not a delay in funding.  Once you have funding, the fun begins!  Go to the ‘Grants Management’page of this website for more information.

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