Questions?  I can help!

My consulting services are tailored to your needs:

        • Online questions
  • Teleconference
  • In-person
  • Project-based
  • I am also available for presentations, workshops, lectures & mentoring.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-206-348-6017
Postal Address:  PO Box 1303, Seahurst, WA 98062

Other Pertinent Details:

1.  Payment:
  • Prices will vary based on time required to provide answers to complex questions
  • Price schedule available upon request
  • Credit cards only – Your credit card will be processed through:
            • Pay Pal
  • Alternative payment arrangements are welcome
2. Contracts for work:
  • Varies with service requested
    • Full contract for In-person & Project-based services
    • For hourly teleconference & email requests, please see ‘Terms of Service Agreement’ page at bottom of menu
  • Contracts will always include confidentiality & disclaimer clauses
    3. Terms of Service Agreement:  By reading this website, you have agreed to our ‘terms of service’ – please refer to the attached page to learn more.