Testimonials, Thoughts & Feedback

This page is dedicated to sharing thoughts & feedback from those who have worked with Dr. Sawczuk. Hopefully, you will find them useful to your decision-making processes.

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Testimonials, Thoughts & Feedback:


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FROM LARS BERGLUND, DIRECTOR & KITTY LOMBARDO, ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR, UC DAVIS CTSC:  Working with Andrea has been a pleasure from day one. Her amiable and open communication style invites collegial and collaborative interaction. She provides insight and information that enhance our approach and result in an improved product overall. Andrea’s background and experience with NIH are valuable resources.

FROM A CTSA PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: From the outset of her time with the CTSA program, Dr. Sawczuk was one of the most creative and committed program officers at NIH. She helped shepherd not only our CTSA, but also managed several diverse groups of scientists in highly collaborative national projects aimed at developing novel approaches to management and conduct of translational research. Given the CTSA’s broad portfolio of research from drug development all the way to community engagement, Dr. Sawczuk’s experience and skill set is unmatched.

FROM A CTSA ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTOR:  Dr. Andrea Sawczuk brought a refreshing and unique perspective to her role as NIH Program Officer for the CTSA program.  I had the privilege of working with her on many important initiatives.  Her knowledge of the programs and guidance on administrative issues was invaluable to the success of our program.  She was always accessible and responsive, listened with genuine interest to our concerns, and provided solution-based feedback on time-sensitive issues.  Andrea’s dedication and commitment to fulfilling the CTSA mission and objectives was invigorating and encouraging.   She was truly a pleasure to work with!

FROM DR. JAMES DUBOIS, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY:  I’ve worked with Dr. Sawczuk as a program officer at NCRR and NCATS on CTSA and individual research awards. I always felt supported by her and appreciated the encouragement she provided to pursue new lines of work. I also appreciated her experience, realism and frankness, which sometimes indicated that a proposed path was not promising. I turned to her frequently for guidance in building programs and seeking funding opportunities for projects that cut across disciplines. She was always willing to provide advice, recommend resources, and make introductions. She also emerged within NIH as a champion for clinical research ethics and community engagement, helping to build strong networks across institutions.

FROM DR. WILLIAM KENNEDY, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA:  I am a professor of Neurology at the University of Minnesota. Much of my research is funded by NIH grants that are awarded after successful peer review. The process is highly dependent upon maintaining a close contact with the program director at the NIH institute that receives the proposal for consideration.  I am the Principle Investigator on a small business technology transfer research (STTR) proposal to develop, construct and commercialize a method to quantify the human sensation of touch at the micrometer level.  The proposal was transferred from the National Institute for Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) to the Institute for National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) because it fit the mission of this new institute. I was fortunate to have Andrea Sawczuk as my program director. My experience with Andrea was satisfying and successful. She understood the science and clinical need for the objective of the proposal and was responsive to my questions and other needs during the evaluation process and after the grant was awarded she guided the small business and me in the judicious use of the award.  I recommend her highly to others who require a kind and knowledgeable assistance in this field.