EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Sawczuk Biomedical Consulting, LLC is a sole proprietor business focused on providing biomedical research investigators and small businesses with consulting services that guide:  identifying funding opportunities, writing grant applications, grants management, strategic and change management, team science, workforce development and community engagement.  These services address gaps in biomedical research management from project identification, through funding and strategic positioning to connecting with target communities.
The owner and manager of SBMC, Dr. Andrea Sawczuk, is a health professional and basic scientist who has a 25 yr history of providing similar services through her previous positions at the National Institutes of Health and in academic biomedical research.  Dr. Sawczuk’s expertise in guiding and counseling investigators can be appreciated through her ‘Resume’ and the ‘Testimonials’ pages of this website.
  SBMC LOGO:  Working together across challenges by bridging gaps to develop solutions and achieve success.
MISSION:  SBMC focuses on bringing clarity to biomedical research management by providing tools that guide you to be efficient, effective and visionary so you are strategically positioned to be successful.  We do this through assisting you in identifying and applying for funding, guiding you through management of a funded research program, positioning you to strategically address change, and developing team approaches to problem solving. When appropriate, our guidance also includes engaging and educating communities impacted by your research results, so you can learn from them and they can learn from you.
VISION:  SBMC’s business model is developed around the belief that coupling education, healthy living and biomedical research with acceptance, respect, sensitivity and inclusion will reduce disparities, improve quality of life and accelerate productivity.